Give Kristof A Chance

I was a bit baffled by the harsh tone of your Slant blurb on Nicholas Kristof in the Aug. 12 issue. In it you claim not to have bought the “praising of Kristof” by Register-Guard writer Don Kahle. You welcome Kristof to chat with your offices but note he’s not your candidate.

So quickly? How can you be so certain? You don’t give any reasons. Wouldn’t a more enlightened response suggest that Kahle just might have some valid points?  Or at least state why you think Kahle is wrong.  

I went back to reread Kahle and his piece seemed perfectly reasonable.  Why be so negative so soon? What in the world would cause you not to be intrigued by “the Nicholas Kristof pitch”?

Lou F. Caton


Editor’s note: That wasn’t harsh. If you want to see harsh…