The Wellness Clinic

It was March 12, 2021 — though it can seem longer ago than that — when almost all of Eugene Weekly’s editorial staff stood in line to receive the straight-shot-no-chaser Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at the Alluvium in Eugene. That was the start of the Wellness Clinic, put on by the Whiteaker Community Council and Alluvium. The clinic aims to help an under-served portion of Eugene in the Whit. It resumes Friday, Aug. 27, at the former church turned community center in the Whiteaker neighborhood. In the past it has featured food carts, free haircuts, music and has been part of the Friday ArtWalk. “We have a very welcoming environment,” says Doriandra Smith, program coordinator for the WCC. For this week’s Wellness Clinic, though, the Delta variant surge has reared its ugly head, so the clinic will concentrate solely on COVID testing, Pfizer and J & J vaccinations as well as a $50 incentive debit card. “We stand ready to provide health and safety to all of our residents, housed and unhoused,” Smith says.

The Wellness Clinic is 5 to 8 pm Friday, Aug. 27 at the Alluvium, 810 W. 3rd Avenue. Schedules for future clinics can be found at

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