It’s Time To Limit Growth

The Oregon Legislature voted to be the first to end R1, single-family zoning. What does this mean to homeowners who bought homes in R1 neighborhoods?

I see what RFK Jr. has labeled as “stack and packs” going up throughout Eugene, and I have concerns that our neighborhoods are next on the chopping block. 

One-size population growth does not fit all communities.

Eugene is in a valley, and we need our large trees for air purification and cooling. How many extra cars before the air quality in a valley is compromised? Do we have enough water for the proposed population growth? What about existing roads, services, etc? 

Boulder, a city similar to Eugene in environmental and political ideology, limits growth to 1 percent, and much of Colorado is slow growth. Why not Eugene and Oregon?

At 7:30 pm Monday, Sept. 13, the City Council will be discussing sweeping changes to our codes proposed by the Planning Department. Are you aware of the possible changes?

The meeting will be on Zoom because of COVID. If you don’t Zoom, you can call to get on the roster to speak for two to three minutes, or email the mayor and city council. 

I get my neighborhood association’s emails and have received no information about the proposed changes. In a democratic republic, shouldn’t that be the first place to disseminate this information?

Cindy Allen


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