Upzoning Is Hypocrisy

Thanks to Paul Conte for calling attention to the destruction of local zoning — dictated by the state legislature and facilitated by the city staff. As Conte explained so well in his Viewpoint “Housing the Rich,” the result of the city’s planned deregulation will be the destruction of affordable housing to build more expensive housing, such as has already happened at 94 and 96 W. 15th Avenue. Under the pretense of increasing housing availability, developers are allowed to replace affordable units with more-expensive houses or apartments, at the same time contributing to climate change by destroying trees and open space.

I can imagine what George Orwell, Jonathan Swift or Mike Royko might say about this hypocrisy.

Betty Taylor


Editor’s note: We received a large number of letters in response to Paul Conte’s “Housing the Rich” Viewpoint. More can be found online at EugeneWeekly.com.