What If This Were World War II?

To vaxx or not to vaxx? There is no question.

My grandmother used to share stories of blackout drills in the 1940s. Households up and down the West Coast would voluntarily extinguish their lights, cover their windows, and even turn off appliances by 11 pm. These proactive measures helped ensure entire cities would not be visible in the event of an enemy air attack.

Imagine the blowback if a neighbor had ranted about their “rights,” and kept their lights on well into the night. Such an action would put not only their household, but the entire community at risk.

Eighty years later, I draw this parallel because the world is at war on two fronts: with a deadly virus and with extreme disinformation. Yet we have the means of preventing their spread: inoculation and education. While the latter is a longer-term investment for the well-being of our functioning democracy, the former can be accomplished today. See Vaccines.gov. 

Matt Keating

Eugene Ward 2 City Councilor