A Step In The Right Direction On Housing

We can’t talk for very long or very seriously about the housing crisis, homelessness or climate change before the conversation turns to actions. Local housing availability is near zero; more than half our community is housing cost-burdened; and we have more people experiencing homelessness per capita than any other city in the country. The evidence is overwhelming, and I think we all want better for our community. We need thoughtful action at every opportunity.

So thank you to the Eugene City Council for their mini but mighty step last week to fix our backyard cottage code. In addressing what had become a regulatory Frankenstein, we took some community-led steps and brought our ADU code into compliance with state statute. These small cottages are more affordable, land-conserving, energy-efficient and age-friendly. They won’t solve our housing crisis, but now they can help.

Kaarin Knudson, AIA


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