Srader Is Polarizing, Too

Doyle Srader wrote (“American Loneliness,” 9/16), “If we could ever muster up a truly effective anti-poverty strategy, we could get a toehold on many of the symptoms that bedevil us.” That miracle happened in 1787 and, with some adjustments over the years, our free society is the anti-poverty strategy. We can control our lives, work at occupations of our choice, start a business and own our own homes. How is that a “deeply flawed social order”?

There is no structural inequality on the individual level since no one is stopping anyone from achieving their dreams. Generational poverty is self-inflicted and kids break out of it every day.      

Srader said those who castigate the unvaccinated just to feel good, presumably as an antidote to loneliness, frustration and fatigue, are polarizing and harmful to society. He then condemns corporate CEO’s “eight digit paychecks” because “they grab for their own gratification,” as if it was stolen from United Way, and that adversely affects “the collective well being.” That sounds like communism, and free people don’t like communism. Funny he never mentioned university presidents, athletes or entertainers’ paychecks. Remember, if you publicly voice contempt for others, as in class warfare, you are a driver of the problem.

People have become rich “off other people’s misery” since time began. In our society, there is a remedy in the law for illegal or harmful commercial conduct, and highly paid professionals deal with bad luck or the consequences of irresponsible behavior and are paid with private or public funds. 

Greg Williams


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