Thank You, Woke Weekly

I have been a reader of the “Woke Weekly,” and I will admit I think about a lot of letters, Viewpoints, etc. My center is way right of most of the left, Marxist, BLM, critical race, socialist drivel that seems like the mainstream. I think Donald Trump was crap, and I can only say that Joe Biden is a senile empty shell; I hate how he is handling things, and I am not sure he really is.

Enough. Doyle Srader’s piece (“American Loneliness,” 9/16) is probably the most sane reality I have read in 10 to 12 years of reading the paper. This guy needs to be cloned, and all of the clones need to be teaching in our schools, K-12. 

I don’t agree with everything he said, but a lot brought me back to a place where we were and need to get back to. Cancel me if you don’t agree; bully and lie if your politics are different. That’s not very helpful in society. We have a lot of problems, but hating each other won’t solve anything.

Thank you, Woke Weekly, and thank you Doyle Srader for the piece. 

Mike Miller