Thank You, Civic Alliance And Kidsports

Eugene Civic Alliance and Kidsports got it right! Bravo to these forward-thinking and mission-driven community builders. The new and exciting Civic Park complex — home of Kidsports — in south Eugene features rows and rows of bicycle parking and a beautiful, welcoming throughway for walking and biking.

This is strategic architecture that invites, entices and presumes: “Use your body, ride your bike and walk.” Let’s emulate this example of bold and appropriate site design to plan an entire city that favors movement, health and a powerful solution to climate change. Thank you for taking care of our kids and our planet, Eugene Civic Alliance and Kidsports!

Climate Revolutions By Bike and Supporters:

Mary Christensen
Josh Mendez
Papa Awori
Karen Austin
Cynthia Black
Katie Droll
Patricia S. Hine
Michael Mattick
George McDonald
Debra McGee
Kate Myers
Jim Neu
Duncan Rhodes
Tomoko Sekiguchi
Vicki Shaw
Daniel Wilson
Sue Wolling

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