The Left Would Be No Better

Tom Coffin believes if the very ill-planned Jan. 6 “coup” had succeeded, we would be living in a totalitarian, racist regime (“Totalitarian Ruin,” EW 10/7). Could be, but what makes Coffin think life would be any less authoritarian or intolerable if far-left radicals controlled the country? How about the revolutionaries who tried to burn down the federal courthouse and ICE offices in Portland? How many people died in Portland and Seattle during those coups?

The “Rule of Law”? Who defies our immigration laws? There are Steve Bannons in England, Scandinavia and every European country where recent immigrants and refugees haven’t fit in as hoped, and I bet Coffin would get an earful down on our southern border right about now.

During the Daunte Wright trial, Judge Peter Cahill said in response to Maxine Waters: “I wish officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch and our function.” Cahill said her comments could overturn the appeal.

Democracy? Liberals tried for decades to silence AM “hate” radio — hate being anything they don’t want to hear. Being white is now a mortal sin, and so much for free speech at work and on campus these days.

Gov. Kate Brown puts emergency declarations on bills so “We the People” can’t vote on them, and her crowd has been trying for years to dismantle the initiative and referendum process because virtually all challenges come from people they want to permanently silence. Is that totalitarian? 

Greg Williams