Don’t Trust Big Pharma? Get The Shot Anyway

I want to address the ongoing vaccine skepticism in our area. Although most hospitals needing portable morgue trucks to handle the overflow are deep in Trump country, the situation here is different.

I believe that people here don’t trust the vaccine because, like me, they know that the leaders of Big Pharma, like the leaders of most huge corporations, are corrupt, greedy idiots who the entire planet would be better off without. Think of the oil company execs who knew, and hid, the dangers of climate change, for decades, in order to enrich themselves and their cronies.

However, I want to point out that those at the top of Big Pharma are not scientists! In fact they have nothing to do with the science; they are simply masters of exploiting the work and discoveries of others, to enrich themselves and their shareholders.

The highly intelligent, highly educated, highly skilled scientists, researchers, lab techs, etc., who dedicated themselves to creating vaccines that would get us out of this pandemic have nothing in common with the fools at the top, and it is a damn shame that their heroic, and amazingly successful efforts on our behalf are being sabotaged by people’s distrust of their bosses.

Meanwhile, those of us with extremely vulnerable people in our lives are forced to remain hyper-vigilant, as we have been for 19 months already.

Please join the many millions of us, including most of the people you know, and get vaccinated, if only for the sake of those that can’t.

Rick Moser