EW Shouldn’t Attack The School Board

Wow. In Slant (10/14), you support 4J Interim Superintendent Cydney Vandercar in directing the staff to stay away from board meetings, making the charge that board members “insult them publicly.” You further talk about “spilling blood.” Really? Did EW even cover those 4J board meetings or review the transcripts? You are leading the public to think that one or more board members said or did something completely egregious.

Why is EW choosing to escalate allegations that were already over the top? Vandercar’s charges were broad and serious but totally vague. To me, they also were puzzling, I’ve been listening to board meetings for months. I’ve heard board members asking questions. I haven’t heard any board member being at all disrespectful to district personnel.

I think Interim Superintendent Vandercar should either substantiate her remarks with specifics or retract them. I think EW should refrain from attacking and discrediting school board members just doing their jobs. They are unpaid volunteers, responsible to the community that elected them. They give generously of their time because they care about the students, their families, the staff and the school district. As a supporter of public education, I want board members to persist in asking questions. I do not appreciate what appear to be efforts to silence them.

Marion Malcolm