The 4J Board Should Deliberate In Public

Thank you to Taylor Perse and Eugene Weekly for the excellent investigative reporting on the 4J school board in the article “A Need for Transparency” (10/28). I follow the Eugene school board business, and I am glad that the Weekly does, too!

Gordon Lafer et al. must stop doing business among themselves between meetings. Oregon law is very clear on this point. I know that the pandemic has put extra stresses on all, and I thank our superintendent, teachers, parents and all staff for stepping up to keep our kids safe and re-engaging them as children are back in school.

We have a board who agrees on most things, so I hope they will put politics aside and put the students first. We need to support our children’s well-being in this tough time, address the serious staff shortages, hire our next superintendent and keep working to close opportunity gaps. That is plenty to keep everyone busy.

Valerie Close