‘Housing Is The Solution’

On Nov. 16, I was among the many voices speaking in support of middle housing at the Eugene Planning Commission’s public hearing.

Two days later, I was part of a panel at a screening of The Invisible Class, a grassroots documentary film about homelessness, its causes and devastating impacts. The Human Rights Commission will screen the film again on Dec. 10 as part of International Human Rights Day, and I’d encourage everyone to see it if you can. Throughout the film, the phrase “housing is the solution to homelessness” was repeated again and again and again.

So thank you to the nearly three dozen people who also spoke in support of middle housing solutions. We make progress against structural challenges when many different kinds of people come together and speak up for needs beyond their own. That’s what we saw at the public hearing, and we look forward to more of it in the months ahead.

We know there are still a few loud, well-rehearsed voices working to dismantle progress and undermine trust behind the scenes. But the vast majority of the community is unwavering in its support of housing solutions — the need is overwhelming and the advocacy is not going away. We’re also asking the city to go further in its work to incentivize affordability and innovative affordable housing solutions. All of this work is important and wonderful to see, true expressions of optimism and community leadership at a time when we need both. 

Kaarin Knudson, AIA

Better Housing Together