Remember: People Are Dying

I am writing in response to “People have the right to be angry” (Letters, 9/23). Let’s shoot for normality.

Two years into COVID-19, and we are far from a normal world. With the current path of our society, it seems impossible to reach normality soon. Today people are choosing their viewpoints over the lives of other individuals. They are ignoring the facts and choosing to listen to those who have no idea of the current issue in our country; they are also listening to those who think this issue is like a sci-fi movie. However, when their life is on the line they demand medical attention. They take hospital rooms which are meant for the elderly, kids and the sick.

At this point in time many people want to live life normally. No one wants to be inside or have limitations on what they can do. However, with those types of people who choose to not listen, it makes everything really hard. 

I don’t mind if you have the vaccine or not. I choose my life over your ignorance, but what I do care about is that, because of your actions, people are dying and things are getting worse, and further from normality. So let’s all work together and make things better to live in the normal world we used to live in.

José López Sánchez


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