The Young Need Housing Opportunities

I was born and raised in Eugene, and after college I moved back to Eugene as I started my career. After living in my current place for the past three and a half years, I started searching for a home to rent instead of an apartment so I could have more space. I noticed quickly that it would be nothing short of a miracle for me to move. The price of rentals alone was hard, but add in the 15 applicants for each house as well. It creates a competition that I was unable to take part in due to my full-time job.

I work hard, I have a great job, I am an active member of this community. But as a young professional, this market is not made for me to participate in. I will continue to live in my current house until some drastic change either forces me to move or I choose to move. I am worried to see what the future looks like for my community, especially around housing.

As the City Council considers how to implement the middle housing code, I ask for them to think of me and the many other young people in this community. We are hard-working, we are active in this community, and we want the opportunity to have more housing options and to not feel so limited that we cannot possibly move. Please consider offering us opportunities to grow within our community and provide a sense of choice and ownership. 

Kathryn Adair