Anti-Vaxxers Are Hurting Others

I’m waiting for a surgery they’re calling an elective surgery. I’ve been flat on my back for months. I can barely walk because lightning strikes my groin. I put chairs between my bedroom and my kitchen so I can sit down in pain for a journey of 15 feet. I didn’t even eat yesterday. People like me are being held back with symptoms that are worsening.

Anti-vaxers flood our emergency rooms and bed space while surgeries are being shut down to accommodate them. 

I’d suggest MASH units be set up for COVID patients by the National Guard. The expanse of property in front of Riverbend hospital looks good. Then disinfect and reopen surgery facilities.

This has nothing to do with individual rights. It’s an epidemic. We need strategies for the unvaccinated. Teach your kids at home for starters. You want an exemption? Appoint judges to decide. It should be easy to get an exemption.

We’ll never get COVID controlled until someone with cajoles says no to the anti-vaxxers.

Kip Andrus


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