Starnes Would Help The Homeless If Elected Governor

The primary causes of homelessness in Oregon are a lack of affordable housing and rising rents, which are putting tens of thousands of Oregon children and families at risk of becoming homeless, as well as a small population of chronically homeless people who require intensive social services and specialized housing.

According to a study submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by Continuums of Care in January 2020, Oregon has an estimated 14,655 homeless people on any given day. Many rights, including the right to an adequate standard of living, an appropriate standard of education, the right to liberty and security of person, the right to privacy, the right to social security, the right to be free of discrimination, the right to vote, and many others, can be violated by being homeless.

If Patrick Starnes is elected governor, he will be able to minimize homelessness in the state. Starnes wants to impose a vacancy fee on Oregon properties that could be used to accommodate homeless people. Furthermore, the proceeds of this tax would be directed to the Oregon Shelter Fund. I’m endorsing Starnes because he has more ideas and real-world experience than the other Democratic candidates. I am endorsing Starnes for governor as a new breed of Democrat.

Keirin Stelter-Burwell