Let’s Also Cherish And Respect Those Who Have Been Born

I heard Mike Pence say that ending abortion would return America to “an era in which all human life is (once again) cherished and respected.”

But that is not the reality for many unwanted children born to unprepared, unstable parents. Many arrive in foster care with challenging issues as a result of their chaotic start in life. Some of them don’t get out of there until age 18, when they are sent out, unconnected, into an uncaring world — with no place to belong.

As a young, broke, traveling hippie, I would often eat at missions and other free food venues; it made living off street music more realistic. A recurring topic among the mostly homeless folks was their lifelong searches for their birth parents. Middle-aged men, mostly, who had never found their way in life or their place in the world.

Pence also said, “A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable.” I suggest that those who are passionately against abortion could be equally passionate about cherishing, respecting and supporting the very vulnerable children who don’t fit in to their oversimplified narrative.

Rick Moser


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