Look At Eugene’s Idea Of Housing Development

It is unfortunate that recent letter writers are indulging in personal attacks directed at those who are skeptical of Eugene’s recent zoning changes (HB 2001). Density does not equal affordability. It is breathtakingly expensive to build housing in this city.

Developers are not being demonized. They are in business to make a profit, not satisfy community needs. A case in point: Two housing developments are currently proceeding in southeast Eugene. For reasons I do not understand, the city allowed all the trees to be removed on the Furtick project (ironically named “Majestic Place”) and allowed the builders to clear and utilize city land to access the lots. 

Observe the large, charmless single family homes being built on tiny, treeless lots and priced at over $1 million. Are there any cluster dwellings or townhouses? No. Are they built with an eye to the challenges of climate change? No.

The Capital Drive parcel will also provide much more million-dollar “needed housing”! 

Visit these sites and you will observe no 21st-century building techniques like 3D printing or ICF construction; no solar panels, heat pumps, charging stations or gray-water systems. New housing should provide an opportunity to rethink how we build homes as well as for whom.I admit that I have doubts that the City Council is listening to the needs of anyone but developers. I hope that Eugene will implement more targeted regulation to encourage construction that meets the needs of the 21st century.

Laurie Nicholson