Responsible Choices

I feel the need to respond to Greg Williams’ argument (Letters, 12/23) that school shootings in part are due to former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s elimination of personal responsibility. I counter argue that personal responsibility is a personal choice. I agree that societal norms have changed from the 1930s and ’60s; but personal responsibility has not.

It is every citizen’s responsibility to contribute and add to society, or leave a society they do not believe in. School shootings are a complex issue not easily characterized by a failure of leadership. An individual’s personal responsibility to themselves, family and society as a whole starts with the individual; it is not excused by the decisions a society’s leaders make

 I work in health care as an RN. Health care has changed significantly from when I started in 1978. I was trained back when my actions as a nurse were my responsibility. Having good mentors in my life helped me become a good nurse; but no one ever took away my responsibility to follow the Hippocratic Oath. It has always been my responsibility to honor its mission.

Rick Drasye


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