More On The Homeless Who Died In 2021

As the former site coordinator for senior meals downtown Eugene, I would like to expand and perhaps further humanize a couple of the people you listed in “Telling Their Stories” (EW 12/30).

Deborah Plum grew up in Astoria and moved to Eugene on her dance scholarship. She was married and had at least one child. Deborah’s father was the Clatsop County District Attorney, and she did work as a legal assistant before her addiction made her unable to hold a job.

 “Chuck” Rintalan fancied himself a ladies man, very courteous, polite and talkative. He, with the help of his walker, could be seen all over Eugene — when he wasn’t in custody for “things he didn’t do.”

Douglas Hanson had mental health problems that, according to him, his brother tried to help him with. When his brother was able, Doug had a place to stay. Doug was a large and gentle man, very polite and soft spoken.

Marilou Heriot


Editor’s note: We welcome notes and messages that humanize the homeless people whose deaths we have chronicled and those we still seek information on. 

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