What’s The Cost Of Electricity?

Is it true that electricity is 100 percent clean? What about all of those electricity generating plants that rely on fossil fuels? What about nuclear power plants, the mining of uranium and its disposal once those plants are decommissioned? What about the mining of ores for copper and aluminum for the manufacture of wire, and the manufacturing of generators, turbines, towers, and other metals and plastics for all of the other parts and components that go into providing electricity?

Isn’t it true that electricity generation in the United States is the single largest contributor of CO2 emissions? As the city of Eugene phases out natural gas and phases in all electrical appliances, heating and cooling, won’t EWEB have to upgrade the electrical grid? Will EWEB pass on the costs of those upgrades to its customers? Will the city of Eugene force homeowners who currently rely on natural gas to switch to all electric? Isn’t it true that electricity is already more expensive than natural gas for heating and cooling and running appliances? Is it wise to give EWEB a monopoly on providing all of the city’s power needs? Do wind turbines and solar panels pay for themselves before the end of their useful lives? What about the costs of manufacturing them and maintaining them? What will happen to all of the existing infrastructure for natural gas once it is phased out?

Chuck West