It’s The Moment To Decide

In the U.S. we have had the freedom to abuse freedom, and we have. Even though we have helped win two world wars fighting for human liberty, after winning the wars, we have nurtured the gluttony of wealth instead — instead of the awareness of human life, awareness of all life on this small blue planet.

Is it too late to understand how precarious this life on Earth really is? We are still here, so it is not. But in our global crisis in a deadly pandemic, as well as the life-taking storms of climate change, we must act wisely and quickly. These threats to our lives could unite us just enough to respond with intelligent action. It is up to us. Or we could continue to be blinded by self-importance and the god of money.

Which will it be? Survival of the natural world, or survival of the lies of ego? It really is up to us.

Deb Huntley