Oregon Needs Patrick Starnes

As a born and raised, multi-generation, native Oregonian, it is important to choose someone to govern the state who represents the interests of Oregonians. This is a state with a very diverse set of lifestyles, occupations and opinions. In governing Oregon we need someone who will listen to the varied and individualistic voices of its citizens, those who live and work here. Not those who simply want to capitalize on its resources or inhabitants, who have nothing emotionally invested in being an Oregonian.

Campaign reform — prioritizing the short and long-term interests of Oregon — is just one of the reasons I support Patrick Starnes. I have personally known him for decades. He is all about Oregon, a man of intelligence, integrity and empathy towards the needs and direction of the state and its varied citizens. He is a hard working, community-oriented kind of guy, having devoted many years of volunteer service to help make Oregon a great place to live. 

Starnes is the right choice for this state.

LuAnn Harmon