Bring Back Civil Debate On Vaccines

I realize that this letter is not in accord with your editorial stance or with most current opinions concerning refusal to be vaccinated against COVID-19. I am writing only because I think there is too much anger and ridicule in what should be a respectful acknowledgment of concerns, both for and against the use of vaccines.

To accuse people who resist the vaccine of being crazy, stupid or anti-social is not productive. Probably some are in one of these categories. But I also know of concerned and intelligent people on both sides of this issue whose judgment I respect. Some are sure the vaccine is beneficial; some question vaccines that are technically experimental and produced by pharmaceutical companies better known for their cupidity than their probity. It’s normal to cite experts, but “experts” have been known to be either right or wrong.

I make no recommendation here, only a plea to be less accusatory and more respectful of diverse conclusions.

Patricia Spicer