Let The Voters Decide On Kristof

Who gets to run for governor in Oregon?

Seems some career politicians want to keep Nick Kristof off the state ballot. Political insiders in the Democratic Party apparently pressured Secretary of State Shemia Fagan to rule against including Kristof on the gubernatorial ballot. The ruling came just weeks before March’s filing deadline.

Fortunately, others with less political stake in the decision have weighed in. One former Oregon Supreme Court justice and three previous secretaries of state have said Kristof should be on the ballot given his lifelong affiliation with the state, including property ownership and paying property taxes. His exclusion seems entirely political.

Oregon has become a national leader in promoting democracy by increasing voter access and voting rights, allowing more people to participate. For that reason, voters should have the final say when it comes to deciding who’s best to lead Oregon.

In 2020, Kristof wrote specifically about political, economic and cultural challenges to his hometown and Oregon more broadly. We need his voice and leadership to address a wide range of problems in Oregon from homelessness and economic fairness to climate change.

His name must be on the 2022 primary ballot. Voters, not career politicians, should pick their leaders.

S.M. Summerlight


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