Stop Human Supremacy

Bob Emmons (“The Failure of COP26,” EW 1/13) is absolutely right about the root cause of climate change. I would argue that the loss of biodiversity is an even greater crisis in threatening the future of life on Earth. Both crises are caused by unlimited growth in both human population and human consumption of resources.

I recommend Eileen Crist’s book Abundant Earth, where she thoroughly documents the destruction of our planet’s formerly abundant life and then advocates “scaling down and pulling back” to a human population of 2 billion with greatly reduced consumption. This would also reduce future pandemics.

Life depends on other forms of life, and life needs diversity in order to continue to exist. Any form of life, including humans, that becomes too numerous is destined to be attacked by other forms of life in order to restore the balance of biodiversity and allow life to continue. We humans have had something like COVID coming for a long time. 

Most environmental groups are still refusing to take a stand on growth. I recommend supporting CASSE (Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.) It’s way past time to stop human supremacy, the idea that we humans are the most important species and have the right to decimate other species and take over most of the planet for our own needs, desires and amusement.

Sharon Blick