We who live in the Trainsong and River Road neighborhoods are awakened every morning at 4 am by a profoundly depressing, desolate, droning noise which vibrates through the walls of our dwellings. It is unrelenting and invasive, and does not let up from its single frequency. Frankly, it is the stuff of nightmares.

It is produced by Zip-O-Laminators, and no appeal has produced a cessation in their early, early morning startup. We have written to our councilwoman, Clair Syrette, who mouths promises to intervene to change the city code, as there is ostensibly nothing to be done via the laws.

Hey, if I play my music too loud late at night, the cops show up to tell me to quiet down, yet this company can disturb the peace in far worse fashion every single morning and the city says its hands are tied.

What’s wrong with this picture? Would the city fail to act if Zip-O-Laminators abused the neighbors in the South Hills? But they’re too smart for that, instead opting to set up in the Trainsong/River Road area, where they can get away with it.

Shame on our city government for not reining in corporate abuse when it affects large swaths of the citizenry!

Jennifer E. Sunseri