Act Now On Climate Change

When I was a child the changing seasons marched forward rhythmic and enduring. Every year I looked forward to the leaves changing color, snow falling just in time for my birthday, the flowers and bugs waking from their slumber to rejoin the world and warm summer nights spent outside with my friends.

But things have changed, slowly at first and then seemingly all at once. We now have wildfires in December. It is the middle of January, and already caterpillars are hatching. If we do not act now to make comprehensive changes we will lose our natural world and all the easily forgotten comforts that come with it.

One big change we can make is to invest in 100 percent renewable energy. Wind and solar have the potential to power our world without releasing harmful greenhouse gasses. If we don’t act fast our seasons will be characterized by extreme weather events rather than the beauty most of us grew up with.

Alexandra Larson


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