Commit To 100 Percent Renewable

Climate change is not some far flung issue we will be facing in the distant future; climate change is an issue we are facing today. In 2020 the sky turned red over parts of Oregon due to the choking smoke polluting the skies. Our dependence on fossil fuels is what will bring our society down. We can no longer depend on fossil fuels because not only is it degrading the environment, but green alternatives exist that are more reliable for the power grid. We need energy to come from a reliable green source to meet the demands of our society. Therefore, I encourage Gov. Kate Brown to commit to 100 percent renewable energy.

Switching to renewable energy will make it so energy grids are not dependent on one source. The demand on the power grid constantly changes and with worsening storms and hotter summers, the power grid will be taxed. This is why renewable energy will allow for the power grid to receive energy from several sources (Green Child Magazine).

Renewable energy not only makes sense from the standpoint that it will help ease a burden off the power grid, but it makes sense for our planet. The fact is that we only have one planet. A change anywhere will help in this fight. That is why I beg Gov. Brown to commit to 100 percent renewable energy, for our generation and for future generations. 

Jordan Bowers


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