We are nearing a month since the Jan. 14 mass shooting at the WOW Hall that injured six people, one of them critically. Eugene police tell us that there’s nothing new to report publicly, but that the investigative team is continuing to work the case. Just because there haven’t been any major updates or media releases doesn’t mean we should stop talking about the crux of what happened that night: Somebody had a gun and was able to shoot multiple rounds into a crowd at an all-ages venue. As the Oregon Legislature’s short session gets underway, let’s remind our elected officials that the thoughts and prayers haven’t changed things, so how about gun control instead?

• One of our conservative letter-writers (Yes, Virginia, we do have a lot of non-lefty readers), recommended in a letter last week that you take out a classified ad in Eugene Weekly to support our work. Heck, yeah! Take out a classified ad to promote your business, take out a classy to support a business you love, take out an ad to tell your mom how much you love her or to ask your love out on a Valentine’s Day date. It all helps. This pandemic is hard, and we can’t all be The New York Times, which just shelled out more for Wordle than this whole paper grosses in a year. We’re just your neighborhood local and vocal free paper, trying to change the world and provide you with the crossword puzzles you depend on!

“Should Nuclear Be Part of the New Energy Future?” is the City Club of Eugene topic for this week with speakers Janine Benner, director Oregon Department of Energy; Maury Galbraith, executive director Western Interstate Energy Board; Amory B. Lovins, adjunct professor, Stanford University; and M.V. Ramana, Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security, University of British Columbia. The live program starts noon Feb. 4 at the First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street. No lunch will be served and guests are asked not to bring food to the meeting. The meeting will be live streamed via the City Club YouTube channel and available 7 pm Monday, Feb. 7, on KLCC.

February is Black History Month, a time to reflect on the cultural contributions Black Americans have provided and struggles they have endured. But celebrating Black History Month shouldn’t just be one month, and isn’t just about sticking your nose in a history book (though it doesn’t hurt to read anti-racist literature). Go support Eugene’s Black-owned businesses. If you need ideas, check out Yardy Eugene, Elev8 Cannabis, Made With Sol Hand-Crafted Goods and Gifts — and find more places to support at the Local Black-Owned Business Directory on the website. 

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