It’s Kristof’s Intent That Counts

Can anyone be a more exemplary, nationally and globally revered Oregonian than our own Nick Kristof? A simple reading of the Wikipedia entry on both Kristof and his life partner, Sheryl WuDunn, unarguably showcases what a talented and worthy governor this stellar Yamhill County product will be — if allowed.

We’ve read Kristof for years spotlighting human rights abuses, trafficking, Darfur, the tragic fates of many rural Oregon childhood friends lost to drugs and emotional despair. Over and over again, this devoted Oregon product has shared his deep identification with our Beaver State. Just a cursory glimpse of his hard work and excellence — Yamhill County high school valedictorian/newspaper editor, Harvard Phi Beta Kappa and Rhodes Scholar, two time Pulitzer Prize winner, brave exposé with WuDunn in Beijing of the tragedy of Tiananmen Square, Darfur horrors — often risking his life to get the story to the world as New York Times columnist and reporter, for decades. Never failing to write about his Oregon home town.

Always coming home whenever he could, managing his fruitful Yamhill farm, spending nine months here at home in 2019 with WuDunn writing their book on rural Oregon’s forgotten.

Intent is the key to why we deserve to be able to vote for him. Intent to always consider oneself as an Oregonian is intrinsic to our state’s constitution. Demonstrable intent has been one criterion for in-state residency at our universities.

Any fair, discerning and objective examination of Kristof’s deserved eligibility to run for governor, if based on the totality of the facts and law, will give us voters the chance to consider this Oregon hero.

Scott Bartlett


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