Kristof Enjoys White Male Privilege To Ignore The Rules

I have always enjoyed Nick Kristof’s editorials. I like to think he was speaking for me. And I’ve always enjoyed his compelling backstory — what he has shared of his bio as part of his public persona. So I was surprised to read his response to being ruled ineligible to run for the governorship of Oregon. Our Secretary of State, Shemia Fagan, stated that Kristof hadn’t been a current resident of Oregon for the required three years.

Kristof was not pleased that anyone would dare to question his credentials. Letters in support of Kristof also took umbrage in righteous tones. Fagan was dismissed as just one more “career Democrat.”

Is this an instance where venom and self-righteousness greet any who seem to dare to challenge whatever successful white men choose to do? Fagan has a compelling backstory, too. I voted for her because it was clear that she intended to use her brains and her heart to do her best for the people of Oregon. For what it’s worth, being a less-than-successful white man, I continue to support Fagan in her efforts.

We will learn more about Kristof as he appeals his disqualification. I might vote for him in the future if he ever qualifies to run.

John Parrott