Trust Requires Truth

Some say that lack of trust in the government, or of each other, or in science, is the reason the U.S. is lagging behind many countries in controlling the virus. But besides blaming, we might say that it is trust itself that has been fractured in America.

What is there to trust? I’ve looked, and if trust means rely on, or if it means predictable, I can think of only one reliable thing: truth. What is the truth-of-the-matter, whatever the subject might be. Truth lovers look for truth: the real way something works, the real actions or words that happened, the real way the Earth goes around the sun. We want the real deal, we want to see things as they really are.

So I see no end to looking deeply and beyond all assumptions. This life is vast and precious, and seems to have no perimeter other than our own mental constructions. 

Deb Huntley


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