Eugene Deserves Quiet

I agree with Christopher Logan’s letter (“Time to Zip It, Zip-O,” 2/3) regarding the noise in his neighborhood. I also have contacted the city regarding intolerable noise: deafening train horns, leaf blowers that make it impossible to have a conversation on my own property and force more particulate matter into my lungs, to no avail except that work on the quiet zone should start sometime.

Add to that the noise of all the unmuffled racing cars that seem to not be noticed by Eugene police; we allow them to feel free to intimidate our citizens, plus the airplanes whose flight patterns go right over our city. None of these things seem to matter to the city government. We deserve clean air, and peace and quiet. Things are building up more and more. We tolerate and/or go crazy. Our children will not have a memory of what a peaceful city feels like. This is all they know.

Jean Denis