Shouldn’t We Even Try To Stop Covid Deaths?

Just imagine three fully loaded domestic passenger planes crashing today, tomorrow and every day, about 1,250 people dying per day. Would you book a flight? Would you be concerned about friends or family members flying?

If our nation were at war and we lost this number of citizens each day, would we collectively work together to end such a conflict? The U.S. death rate pre-pandemic in 2019 was 7,821 per day. In the two years of the COVID pandemic we have lost 918,000 additional citizens. That is 1,250 deaths per day. That is nine football stadiums, each holding 100,000 fans. Is this the new normal or should we collectively join forces to end this tragic loss of life?

The simple fix is old public health guidelines: Wear a mask when around others, physically distance ourselves, wash hands frequently and get vaccinated.

Instead, it looks like pandemic fatigue is taking hold and our collective ignorance and stupidity are relaxing guidelines. Best wishes for your long and healthy life with all your freedoms restored.

Robert B. Thompson


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