Our Rights Are Being Trampled!

As with the Battle in Seattle and the Monsanto Row in Sacramento, the Brew-ha-ha in Ottawa is being portrayed as violent fringe extremists with crazy views up against the law-and-order-protecting state. The reality is, to anyone present at those protests (excluding John Zerzan’s “Anarchist” agent provocateurs) is that the truckers against vaccine mandates and their allies are exactly the same as the coalition of farmers, unionized workers, Earth First!ers, hippies and human rights activists who fought against corporate globalization.

Why is the whole medical freedom community written off as right wing nutjobs with unacceptable views? Why would any progressive person or paper ignore or condemn the demands of millions of people? Is it deplorable to demand an end to the state of emergency that has been used by the state to trample the human rights of all citizens? Is it wrong to demand an end to the propaganda and the censorship perpetrated by the media and government? 

Anthony Willey

Cottage Grove

Editor’s Note: And yet here you are writing a letter to an editor of the propaganda-making and freedom-censoring media.