Go Electric At Home, Too

The city of Eugene is looking to electrify new buildings starting in 2023. One personal move we made in that direction was to purchase a new induction cooktop range with magnetic cookware for our home, although one could use a portable, less costly, counter top model.

Our previous stove tops were gas because we wanted all the BTUs we could get, and “Don’t all the famous chefs use gas?” Being sort of foodies, high cooking heat is often important to us. But we are very concerned about the planet and the future for all of us as the Earth’s warming is causing catastrophic conditions already and methane gas is one of the leading contributors to planet-warming gasses in our air. We now know gas stoves leak more methane than previously thought.

So we investigated electric induction cooking and found we could get all the heat we could possibly need and address global warming at the same time. For example, our induction cooktop boils water twice as fast as gas, the precision controls provide immediate adjustments to heat and our kitchen is cooler. 

Not only that, we feel safer: There is no catching things on fire or burning fingers, the indoor air pollution is essentially gone and we have reduced our carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Also we love the incredible ease of cleaning after cooking. 

We appreciate the city’s direction. Hopefully others will do what they can to address global heating. 

Martha and Peter Dragovich