The president of Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation and the CEO of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce are pushing MovingAhead plans to garner federal funds that will enrich some of their supporters but be detrimental to the community. 

MovingAhead would be a grave misuse of our taxpayer dollars obtained under false pretenses, because no legitimate public engagement has occurred and the claimed benefits are not substantiated. The MovingAhead plans were hidden from the public since their completion in 2017 until I forced their posting online in November 2019. 

Well over 95 percent of the hundreds of businesses and people we contacted along the proposed corridors had no idea the plans existed. The 197 pages of detailed plans affect these corridors: River Road, Highway 99, MLK Jr. Boulevard, Coburg Road (including Chad and Crescent), and 30th Avenue (including Oak, Pearl and Hilyard). The plans depict the vast taking of private property, diminished access to businesses and homes, unnecessary bicycle infrastructure, destruction of trees, reduction in lanes of traffic for private vehicles, removal of parking, and other devastating affects. 

See MovingAhead’s detailed plans at Bus ridership has been declining since 2012; most Eugene buses are running nearly empty. Give your feedback to the Eugene City Council and LTD Board of Directors before they vote on March 14 and 16. Informed public input and alternatives should be considered BEFORE they vote and BEFORE application for federal funds. TAXPAYERS SHOULD VOTE ON THE PLANS.

Meta Maxwell

Chief petitioner Against MovingAhead