Lowering Fossil Fuel Demand

Let us applaud Eugene Sustainability Commission for “doing the right thing” — however, they inadvertently supported the fossil fuel industry.

ESC mandated all utilities be electric in all new construction; well, it should be “100 percent renewable by 2030: or as soon as feasible.” Without mandating on-site photovoltaic solar, solar water heating or wind electric generation, it will never be “feasible.” 

Where will this so-called clean green electricity come from? The Oregon Department of Energy indicates some 55.7 percent of Oregon’s electricity comes from coal, natural gas and nuclear. Of every two electric houses, one is fossil fuel fired. Bravo! Without mandating on-site alternative energy, this just ups the fossil fuel demand. Consider the inefficiency of converting hydrocarbons to steam to spun generators to electron flow — consider the sun, or wind generating power instantaneously on-site without these real physical losses. 

Oh, I know, photovoltaic solar is expensive since former President Barack Obama, Trump and President Joe Biden have all maintained high tariffs on imported solar panels and the Oregon Legislature let Oregon’s alternative energy incentives expire a few Februarys ago. Demand on-site alternative energy generation incentives and mandates, and no solar import tariffs; only this, over the long term, will actually lower fossil fuel demand. All else is just delay. 

And just for completeness, the carbon offset marketplace, cap-and-trade is a complete failure in Europe.

Orazio and Kerstin Belsito


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