That $5 Gas Is A Deal

If you’re concerned with high gasoline prices, I suggest you try pushing your car the distance you can drive on one gallon of gasoline. You’ll soon discover what an amazing thing a gallon of gasoline is. It contains the energy equivalent of a dozen slaves doing grueling physical labor for a couple of days, and yet it’s so compact and energy dense that you can put it in a can and saunter down the street with it.

When gasoline reaches $5 per gallon in Oregon, people will no doubt howl in protest. Yet many of those same people will think nothing of paying five bucks for a Starbucks beverage that will not make a 4,000-pound automobile roll for 20 miles.

With climate change ravaging the world, we should already be using carbon taxation to make gasoline far more expensive. To make it easy on working-class Americans, the first $40,000 of income can be exempt from taxation.

Yet with sanctions on Russia causing a modest increase in gasoline prices, our leaders are talking about tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. We have delusional clowns leading the grossly uninformed. May God help us!

Robert Bolman