NW Natural Lies About Pollution

A recent study from The Gas Index shows at least 5.5 percent of the natural gas supplied by NW Natural to the city of Portland leaks into the atmosphere, which means it causes twice as much global warming as an equivalent amount of coal. Northwest Natural does not want you to know this.

While much of this leakage occurs “upstream,” or before the gas gets to Portland, about 1 percent leaks from the distribution system owned by NW Natural. NW Natural is a member of the American Gas Association, which says that distribution systems owned by local natural gas utilities leak only 0.08 percent, while local leakage in Portland appears to be more than ten times that amount. NW Natural claims to have “one of the tightest, lowest emitting systems in the nation.” The fossil fuel industry lies.  

Scientists warn of record growth of atmospheric methane, while NW Natural distracts from the ongoing damage to our community by speculating on the hypothetical use of renewable methane and hydrogen, which is unrealistic for many reasons and will leak just as much.

NW Natural refused to negotiate in good faith with Eugene City leaders. They treat our community with contempt. Green sustainable energy is poised to take over the marketplace. Building electrification and decarbonization, as planned by the Eugene City Council, is the surest and least costly way to slash local greenhouse gas emissions.

Chuck Areford