Ketanji Brown Jackson


About 10 years ago, Supreme Court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson visited Eugene when she was on the U. S. Sentencing Commission. Invited by Judge Ann Aiken, she toured the Relief Nursery and the Eugene Reentry Court. Who knew then that she would be the amazing first Black woman nominated to the U. S. Supreme Court? Her patient, poised, intelligent responses to the ridiculous Republican men questioning her put them to shame. Hopefully, she will soon be confirmed.

Thank you, Slant readers! We recently let folks know about the Local and Vocal fundraising sweatshirts we are selling online ( and we suggested people donate a little extra to raise money to buy our hardworking Eugene Weekly interns hoodies, too. Not only did folks contribute, one longtime reader bought sweatshirts for six interns. This means that not only do our current interns get to put on an EW sweatshirt, but so do a couple past and future EW writers (and future famous journalists) as well! 

RentCafe reported that in 2021 Eugene had the most competitive rental market in the country with a rental vacancy rate of just 1.6 percent. That’s the number behind the City Club of Eugene program this week on “Landlords and Tenants: What’s Fair?” The meeting starts at noon Friday, April 1, at the First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street. Speakers are Julia Boss, member of the Eugene Housing Policy Board, and Kathryn Dunn, realtor with Keller Williams Realty. Live streaming is an option. No lunch.

ABD (anybody but Duke) is our choice to win basketball’s Big Dance for the men. Of course, we liked St. Peter’s, the 15th seed who fought their way up, but the Peacocks finally fell to North Carolina. That really leaves us with one team to cheer for — the Stanford women, who should win it all after beating Texas last weekend.

• While we’re talking about college basketball, college newspapers are hosting their own “Madness.” The Daily Emerald and 40 other college newspapers are participating in the second annual College Media Madness, a fundraising competition. The Daily Emerald — and all college journalism outlets — serve an important role in today’s news landscape, so we’ll be helping them out and hope you do, too. Learn more at

The pandemic has scrambled scheduling this spring and summer, but we want to give you a few dates set for sure (for now, we are looking at you, BA.2). Maude Kerns Art Center is not offering Art and the Vineyard at Alton Baker Park this summer. Instead, several fundraisers are coming together, the first called “Marvelous Mothers’ Day at Maude’s” on May 8. Stay tuned for more. The Oregon Country Fair board just voted to put on the 2022 event July 8, 9 and 10. And, of course, the virus be damned, the World Athletics Championships are also coming to Eugene in July.

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