Steal My Car, Steal My Heart

To the thieves who stole my car: I doubt that you read a community newspaper, but I wanted you to know the effect of your criminal, self-centered act of stealing. Three weeks ago, during the evening hours, you came into the parking lot of the HUD apartments where I live and stole my dear 1998 Honda Civic.

I was the original owner of that 24-year-old car, the only car I purchased on my own, and she and I traveled over 126,000 miles together. She took me to work, allowed me to visit my grown children on the other side of the Cascades, to visit good friends up and down Oregon, to take my grandchildren to school, play dates and sports activities and to drive on adventures in the eastern Oregon that I love.

I am a 77-year-old lady who lives on Social Security only, and my car was my only financial asset. In the future I hoped to be able to sell her and have a little money to set aside.

More importantly, you have taken my independence — and I’m certainly not ready for that. I still take classes, drive my friends to their appointments, take care of myself and my needs and want to take spontaneous adventurous day trips.

I am still a good licensed driver and will miss my independence dearly. That is really what you stole from me. I just wanted you to know.

Jane Smith


in response to requests from the community, Jane Smith’s son Jeremy has started a GoFunMeGoFundMe to help replace his mother’s car.