A Community With Heart

Numerous readers responded with generous offers of help after seeing 77-year-old Jane Smith’s eloquent letter (“Steal My Car, Steal My Heart,” Letters 3/31) about the theft of her much-loved 1998 Honda Civic. “Jane’s story really struck a nerve with me, and I would appreciate more guidance on how to best help a person like this who took an effort to write in to Eugene Weekly,” one woman wrote. “It’s awful that someone did that,” another reader said. “If I could, I would buy her a brand new car. Since I don’t have several thousands of dollars available, I wondered if anyone would be interested in donating money so Jane could get a new car?”

Smith’s family has created a GoFundMe account to collect donations and help her get another car; you can contribute at GoFund.me/aafc7512.

Eugene Weekly staff