Electrify The Future

Economies of our modern world are dependent on the energy from fossil fuels. Most of us have become familiar with the many dangers that burning fossil fuels present for our health, safety, environment and climate. Meanwhile, the wind blows for free, the sun shines for free and the tides flow for free. The heat beneath our feet, geothermal energy, is also free and constant. Harnessing these types of energy sources to generate clean, affordable electricity is the best way to invest our time and money going forward. Let’s leave all the hazards from coal, oil and gas behind us and begin to adapt for the future by using new technologies.

It’s always hard to change the status quo because there are so many entrenched interests depending on business as usual. That’s why it is significant that the Eugene City Council is presently considering two measures that will put us on the path towards a managed transition from fossil fuels to renewable electricity sources. These are very consequential measures because scientists have been telling us that we must drastically cut carbon emissions by 2030 to prevent irreversible climate chaos. 

Political will is created by public opinion. I encourage you to contact your councilor. If enough of us speak up for electrification, Eugene can do its part for a safer, cleaner world. 

Carolyn Partridge


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