Cancers Bring Growth, Too

Kevin Cronin (“BANANAs and Poisonous Mushrooms,” EW 4/7) is quoted saying, “Our city needs to grow…”

Why? Where is it written that population growth is an imperative? A cancer grows, that is its imperative, but is that a good thing or a bad thing for the host? For Eugene, where does it end? When does growth become enough?

Just because people possess a desire to move to a location should not make it a necessity for that city’s existing residents to bend over backwards, destroying livability to accommodate them. Eugene, despite the wishes of some, is not a lifeboat. To expect it to be so is simply foolish and will wreck that which made it a nice place to live in to begin with.

Growth at all costs, à la cancer: Why would anyone think that is a good thing for a city? That defies logic and good sense.

Steve Jenson


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