Coming Together, Right Now

As COVID regulations and responses loosen, community events are already flourishing in Eugene. Isolation and depression have taken a heavy two-year toll, and now our collective activities embody the resilience of our special city with healthy and joyful activities.

Alluvium has emerged as a social justice center with free markets, community discussions, food giveaways and open mics. Spirit Heart Eugene has a growing calendar of kirtans, mindfulness, yoga and other gatherings. Singing Heart Eugene circles with positive songs and shared harmonies, also perfect to enliven positive growth and our oft-neglected parasympathetic nervous system. Eugene Community Dance and movement is free ecstatic dance weekly outdoors by the river.

Countless dozens of other organic community activities often fall below the media radar but are well worth the search for connection, hope and kindness we so sorely need, with attendance ever-growing.

Mike Meyer


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