Middle Housing Benefits

As a doctor, I have about 30 homeless patients in my practice — and today one of my new patients brought me up short on housing in Eugene. He and his spouse, in their early 30s, working on the margin, want to save for a starter home. But there is nothing they can find within a country mile.

Providing more typically diverse and affordable housing in our city is part of planning for Eugene’s future. Two years ago, Eugene decided to make a new “middle housing” law our own by choosing to design a custom solution for our community. In doing so, we have chosen to allow more affordability, more small housing, and more affordable housing.

I’ve helped support Dan Bryant’s Emerald Village and the C Street Co-op in Springfield, so I‘ve learned a little bit about the practice of housing as well as the practice of medicine. I see that the Eugene Planning Commission got it right: a good outcome from a public process with integrity, and I urge our City Council to adopt the recommendations this spring.

My patient isn’t going to benefit this year, as it takes a while to build what I hope will result from this well-crafted recommendation. It will take time to accomplish more middle housing.

Please join me in urging our Eugene City Council to adopt the Planning Commission Recommendations. My patient, with patience, will benefit and join in a stronger stake in our Eugene.

John Allcott 


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